Frequently Asked Questions

We have a long standing, positive partnership with our client vendor who is able to negotiate large contracts with Fortune 500 companies in the telecomm, energy, office supplies and most recently in technology and solar energy industries. At the moment, we represent two of the nation’s largest telecommunications companies to promote their brand while acquiring new customers on a regular basis.

The direct sales industry has a higher turnover rate than a typical corporate environment. Similar to hospitality or retail, a majority of the individuals hired are entry-level candidates who are just beginning their professional careers. While financially rewarding, sales can also be a challenging position for most people. We have a commitment to our client to hit sales targets and it’s vital that we not only maintain our team size, but grow to a point where we can expand with our client(s) into new markets and partner with them long term. As we continue to expand and grow, we want to ensure we are working with the top talent in each market.

Most people understand door-to-door sales with residential canvassing. Here at Ethos, we currently have 2 separate campaigns, B2B and B2C Marketing. The Business to Business campaign will involve lead generation, cold-calling and approaching small-medium sized businesses directly on behalf of the assigned client. The Business to Consumer campaign requires a Sales Representative to take leads provided by the client to meet with potential customers at their residence and offer a positive customer experience while promoting their brand and acquiring new customers. Campaign assignment is determined towards the end of the hiring process and is based on experience level and training availability.

Absolutely not. Network/MLM marketing companies rely on individuals to pay an upfront free and leverage their family and friends to help build their business. Here at Ethos that is not at all how our business model works. We hire and train employees to build their skills and develop a great resume while having an opportunity to pursue their professional careers with us. There is zero cost to start working with us and training is completely provided to each and every employee free of cost.

No. We have recently restructured our compensation model to include a base salary + commissions package. (Specific sales targets are required to retain employment and compensation). Upon hire, each employee is given the opportunity to select a compensation package that accommodates their current financial situation. Although some individuals choose to start at a base salary + commissions, we also have a handful of people who will choose the fully performance based structure.